Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interesting couple of days...

The other morning I woke up to my 3 year old covered in some kind of substance, I looked into the kitchen because I figured it was just milk or something...I couldn't be more wrong. Well, it ended up being 18+ raw and rotten eggs all over my island, inside the cabinets and all over the floor and him. After being in shock over what had happened, I put him in the bath to get him all cleaned up because yeah...we didn't want him to get salmonella or anything. I came downstairs and started cleaning up the scrambled eggs and tons of small pieces of egg shell. It took me roughly 40 minutes to clean up all the egg out of every nook and cranny of the island, cupboards and floor. After I got that all cleaned up, I realized that he had a trail off egg going into the living room, up the stairs and in the bathroom. So, I had to get out the carpet cleaner and clean all the egg and shells off of the BERBER was that tough! I went into my bedroom to get something, I think I was getting changed, but I looked on my dresser and realized that the jewelry that a family friend made and gave to the girls was missing out of their little instantly I was like oh my gosh where did they go?? So I asked Stephen where the necklaces were that were in the boxes and he didn't tell where they were...I keep my house clean and I couldn't find them anywhere. So I figured, well I will find them eventually.
That afternoon I was watching my friends daughter and she is 4 and potty trained...none of my kids are yet...and I noticed that her shorts were wet and I realized she had an accident and I asked her where she had the accident and she was quiet (I understand it is embarassing for kids to tell that they had an accident) so I went up stairs and there was a puddle of urine on the floor. So I was thinking...great another mess I have to clean I got it cleaned up and put her clothes in the washer and they were all clean when her mom got here at 4:30 and I had her since 12:15pm.
We ended up taking the kids to the park and they had fun, we came home around 8:00pm or so and I had to get the kids ready for bed, the house was a mess and I still had to figure something out for I made them mac and cheese and called it a night.

So, Chris called me the day after all this happened I think it was two days ago or so and he laughed about Stephen getting into the eggs, and he was mad about the necklaces. So I asked Stephen again where the necklaces were and he corrected me saying that they were bracelets and he gave them to Kaelyn when she was in the crib...Kaelyn is only 11 months old. So sure enough I found two hearts but one chain...I am hoping that after I flip her bed inside out I will find the other chain. I am just happy that he told me where they were.

Chris called again today and got to talk to the kids and he was so happy to hear from them in between all their fighting and screaming at each other. Krystina loves to act like a dinosaur (she is 2) and chase her brother around and scaring him pretty much. So she got on the phone and goes "RAWWRR Daddy" (she growled when she said daddy) I am sure that lifted his spirits a lot since he is deployed.

After talking to him today he told me he picked R&R because he said that is what I wanted, and I told him to pick it for himself, if he wants to come home 6 months into the deployment, that's fine and if he wants to wait until after I graduate with my AA in Psychology in February that's fine too. So he ended up getting on a list for March which will be 9 months or so into the deployment which I think is good because he will be fresh in the kids' minds.

He told me next time I send him a package, if I send him a package to send him envelopes because they are all sold out out there and he is still waiting on my letters that have gone out roughly 3 weeks ago. But who knows maybe I should send them to him in a package so they will get there faster.

That is all that's going on today, but I will try to update as soon as I can

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  1. I so totally thought I commented on this but alas I didn't! Too funny about the eggs... I had the same thing happen during the first bit of deployment! Had a great time at the mall the last few days! TTYL hun!