Sunday, August 2, 2009

6 weeks so far

Well I am going on my sixth week of the deployment and things are going pretty normal. I have a two year old who insists on "helping me clean", but sprays detangler on my windows, dumps water all over the floor and pees on the floor, but she's "helping". My three year old refuses to go poop on the potty, behind my back he will put on a pull up and poop in it before I can get dressed or if I leave the room for a minute. My youngest will be one on August 10th! I can't belive she's almost a year old and i'm not pregnant again, which is a great accomplishment. On another note, I am getting my birth control removed on August 20th because I can't stand the side effects anymore and I'm going to request three months of the pill and take them before he comes home on R&R and before he comes home after the deployment.

Life is crazy busy, with school, the kids, housework, homeowner's association and being a good friend it makes life a little difficult at times. I have a hard time with friends who say they will be there, but never are...or they are there when it's convenient for them and I have a hard time accepting that because, I am a real friend...I will offer one shelter, food and a safe place to live. I do what I can for those who cannot do it themselves and I open up my house to my dearest friends especially if they are in trouble. I don't understand why I meet those who aren't like that and the ones that take advantage of everyone around them.

I am sick of "friends" telling me what I am doing wrong as a parent, when their children don't listen, talk back, give attitude and throw tantrums because they don't get their way...are you kidding me? I just don't get it, I am sick of people breathing down my back about what i'm not doing right and in the same breath give me praise because I am 24, own my own house, have three kids under the age of 4, go to school full time and manage to keep my house clean. I don't even know what to say most of the time because i'm dumbfounded, if your kids aren't as behaved as mine, DON'T GIVE ME PARENTING ADVICE!

I do what I do and it works for my family. We wake up at about 8am every morning, we go downstairs, change daipers (3 kids), get breakfast ready for three kids and not all of them want the same 3 different breakfasts, three cups...I clear off the end tables from the night before as they are eating and I manage to do a load of laundry while they are eating their breakfast. So, after breakfast we play, watch movies, draw pictures for daddy, then have snack time around 10:30am and get new cups. Around 11:30am I ask them what they want for lunch and if they say Mac and Cheese, I will start preparing it around 12pm, so they will get their food around 12:30, have time to eat it, and are done around 12:50 or so, then I get their diapers changed again, refill cups, let them hang around for 40 minutes or so and put them to bed roughly around 1-1:45pm.

While they are down for their naps, I clean up the living room, finish the dishes, load the dishwasher, clean off the table, clean off the counters, get a cold bottle of water, and get ready for my 60 minute workout.

At about 3:30-4:00pm they wake up from their naps, which means, diaper changes, snacks, new cups and mommy cuddle time. They usually cuddle for 10 minutes or so and then they go on and play with their toys and have a blast. Around 5:00pm I get dinner going and by 5:30pm we sit down as a family and eat our dinner, and of course they get new cups. After we eat dinner, the kids play for awhile and depending on the day, they may get baths around 6:45pm until 7:15pm, after bathtime, we come downstairs get dressed, get new diapers and we read stories until 8:00pm and then it's bed time for the kids.

That is pretty much my schedule with them, they are well structured and they know what to expect and sometimes they don't get their naps, but they still go to bed at 8pm. I am glad they are on a schedule, I am glad that they are doing well with Daddy being gone and I couldn't ask for anything more.

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  1. You do wonderful as a mom... and parenting advice is part of being a parent. I am sure I have given you more than my fair share of unsolicited advice! But then again you knew that when you met me... I don't sugar coat things LOL! I can't believe it has already been 6 weeks. Your already 11% complete!!! :o)