Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trying to pick it up again

Well, I did have a great idea to blog about my deployment journey; however, I ended up slacking. Here is the run down of things that have happened during the last six months since the deployment started:
June 2009~ Chris deployed, kids acted out, school work was overwhelming and the homeowner's association stuff went on the back burner and so did the house.

July 2009~ Had issues with a neighbor about the loud fireworks in the cul-de-sac that started at 5pm and ended at 2am. At that time I had a 3 year old 2 year old and 11 month old...that went to bed at 8pm, so it was a rough night. We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary apart, but it is a huge accomplishment, my mom came out to visit and finally it was the first month down of the deployment.

August 2009~ I was geared up for my best friend to come here from New Hampshire, we live in Olympia, WA so it was great to see her again! She flew out on August 8th, we spent August 10th celebrating Kaelyn's birthday (she turned 1). We planned a road trip to San Diego, California and we stopped in Grants Pass, Oregon and hung out with my husbands side of the family, finally this was the second month down of the deployment.

September 2009~ Found out that my husbands leave slot was taken away because he was attached to a troop so we were told it could be as early as November and as late as April. We made it to San Diego just fine and enjoyed the sunshine and polite people. Erin loved seeing the palm trees and the beaches. We stayed at my in-laws house and we had a blast hanging out together. She left the last week of September and that was the end of the 3rd month of the deployment.

October 2009~ My mother in law helped me drive up to Washington from San Diego and we stayed at a hotel the first night and then we stayed in Oregon, finally we reached our final destination...HERE! It was a great trip, awesome time with my mother in law and the kids had a blast. She left the second week of October and I started going to the gym with a friend of mine and ended up losing 7 pounds. We didn't celebrate Halloween because I have too many children and not enough arms. The end of October marked 4 months down of the deployment.

November 2009~ My husband called me to tell me that he was coming home in December, probably the first week! I was thrilled! That put a wrench in my Thanksgiving plans because we were going to go Oregon to spend Thanksgiving there and spend time with the extended family and my inlaws. I ended up deciding that I was going to make the trip to Oregon, come home around the 27th and get the house decorated and ready for him to come home. As a whole, the kids and I are home bodies unless if someone comes over or we go to someone's house. The end of November marked 5 months down of the deployment!

December 2009~ I was getting the house cleaned up, the toys organized, the clothes put away and doing my entire detailed cleaning. Chris called me on the 2nd of December to tell me he was leaving! I was super excited because I knew he would be on his way! So I hurried to get the pictures in their frames and get the frames on the wall. I got that done by December 4th. I woke up on December 5 to a phone call from an out of state number and it was my husband! He told me that he was going to be arriving at Seatac at 6pm! I was so happy! That day couldn't have gone by any slower, but eventually the moment came when we made eye contact and I got Krystina out of the stroller and told my oldest that he can run up to daddy and give him a big hug! My husband brought gifts for the kids, Kaelyn got a stuffed lamb, Krystina got a sheep and Stephen got legos! Chris was on his knee trying to put the lego set together for Stephen, but ultimately gave up and said that he will do it when we get home. I finally got the kiss I had been longing for and it took my breath away. At this time I was 25 pounds lighter than I was when he left. We got home and it was heavenly. It was as if he never left, he hadn't changed, he wasn't jumpy and he was still the best husband and father. The two weeks flew by and we dropped him off at the airport on the 21st. It was harder saying good-bye the second time but I was going to see him 6 months from then so I was happy about that. Well here comes the news...about a week after he left to go back, I decided to get pregnancy tests because I felt...different...and sure enough...i'm pregnant!!! Once again! So here we have baby number FOUR on the way and six months left. And here we are, the half way mark!

I swear, these six months have gone by so fast, the first month was the worst, I hated July and wanted nothing to do with anyone. I was bitter and jealous of those whose husbands were home. But I sucked it up and carried on and realized, my turn will be here before I know it.

Here I am now, on the verge of 2010, the year my husband comes home and I am more excited than I was ever before! I am hoping to keep up on this blog now, whenever I get some time for myself, but I thought I would update for my followers, even though I have two and THANKS!!

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy New Year and may 2010 bring you the best!!

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  1. Well at least you made a summery of it! Blogging comes and goes for me... some times I am just way to busy to coninue on!